About Us

Professional preparation for higher level basketball

GBA is a private international basketball academy in Central Europe, Prague, which through effective training programs specializes in maximizing basketball potential of its players. Our mission is to individually develop our players and based on their goals provide them with opportunities to either sign a professional contract or receive a full scholarship to American University.

As a basketball program GBA offers elite approach to player development, but what also makes our academy unique is a top servis we offer in other areas of life such as education, living enviroment, diet and health care.

High intensity workouts with individual approach from experienced coaches, participation in top Czech leagues, confrontation in international tournaments and everyday competitive practice environment are main reasons for noticable improvement of our players.



Beatiful, full equipment basketball gym with brand new wooden floor. Basketball gym with 4 main and 4 court-side baskets.



Good situated basketball gym with modern multi-function floor. 2 full-sized courts are prepared for individual trainings.

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Meet Our Implementation Team

- Academy Director, Head Coach -

phone: +420 777 457 949 mail: betkojulian@gbacademy.eu 

- Assistant Coach -

phone: +420 735 077 952

- Fyzioterapist -
- Coach, Video coordinator -