GBA Values Education

What separates GBA from other basketball institutions besides high quality training is also our emphasis on education. We demand from our players professional approach and consistent effort in school environment. Our players are important to us as people which is why we regularly communicate to them the importance of good education for their futures.

Quality high school diploma with good grade point average is an essential component for anyone who wants to accept scholarship to US university or have a successfull career after playing basketball.

This is why GBA offers variety of options for high school education.

  • Czech private school:
    Gymnazium medzinarodnych Vztahu, Stodulky Prague 5

GBA maintains a great relationship with these schools and their representatives so we can effectively monitor educational progress of our student athletes and avoid complications when our players need to attend practice or games during school hours.

For czech students there is also other options in Prague such as technical high school or business high school.

Meet Our Implementation Team

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