Health and Nutrition

GBA understands the importance of balanced diet for players pursuing high level

In GBA we understand the relationship between proper nutrition and sports performance. Our meal plan is composed from high variety of foods, but with good balance between proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and vitamines. All of our players recieve food 3 times per day and to reassure the top quality we hire professional catering company to cook our fresh meals daily.


GBA offers professional healthcare servis

One of the factors, that can prevent a basketball player from reaching his full potential is injury. This is why we implemented injury prevention components to our training programs. Proper and regular stretching, power yoga, exercises for balance, specific weight training exercises and proper nutritions are all incrumental aspects in our effort to minimize the risk of injury of our players.

GBA cooperates with top healthcare specialists to ensure that our players recieve the best medical treatment.

Our Health Care Team

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