Matěj Zajíček

Matěj Zajíček

14 Oct 2017

"GBA is the place where I felt my personal development. Greatly placed academy by all means, that puts you under the radar and gives opportunities to show your qualities. Hard work, discipline and good time went all in one basket for me. I think that is successful combination towards a big goal."

12 Oct 2017

"GBA is great for every player that wants to continue to college, so it was for me. Other than toughness, after experience with GBA I was ahead of other incoming freshmen in basketball knowledge and some of the college basketball principles. So it was not that hard to adapt for a different style of game. I'm thankful for the opportunity I got and I wish GBA best luck to the season!"

11 Oct 2017

"GBA opened my eyes towards my weaknesses.It is a great place to improve as a person and player.The practices are intense and coaches are always demanding and helpful.If I would go back in time,I wouldn’t change my decision to attend GBA!"

11 Oct 2017

"This past year in GBA was one of my best experience in my life. It is pretty hard to summarize what it means to me. First of all I feel that my game changed 180 degrees, when I went there I literally couldn't even put the ball on the ground or just guard 1on1 situations.. All the coaching staff gave his absolute best throughout the whole year and now I feel that I'm comfortable with the ball in Pick n Roll situations for example and I don't have problems guarding the perimeter. But maybe I had the biggest improvement in my basketball IQ. Now I feel that I can make better decisions on a higher level. On the other hand I changed as a person also, I became more serious and now I understand that hard work really pays off. I'm extremly thankful for giving me the opportunity to make some friends. I'm sure some of them are gonna be my friend forever.. Coaches there had a thought in which they told us that they build a family here not only a team and to be honest by the end of the year they really did it!"

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