New players in U17 team in GBA!

There is still a lot of time before new basketball season comes, but we are already thinking about new challenges in GBA. We are always happy and satisfied, when we are able to persuade those, who are interested of development its talent or interested in development of talent of their children, that we can offer very good conditions for improvement and development of young players. And the interest of these young talented players, who are keen to join our academy, is an evidence, that we have chosen a good way and we have what to offer. And there is no difference when the end of this past season has come. Therefore we are happy to inform, that we´ve signed three new players for the U17 team for next season. We are going to introduce them to you in the upcoming days. The first player, owns a surname, which is very well known for all, who are familiar with the game of basketball in the Czech Republic.      
One of the new acquisitions is Marek Welch, son of former member of national basketball team of the Czech Republic, Petr Welsch. Marek´s uncle, Jiří, used to play in NBA for GSW, BOS, CLE and MIL, went through ACB clubs Unicaja and Estudiantes and recently has returned to play for Nymburk in the Czech basketball league. You would say that with such a surname and family in the background, you can´t play anything else then basketball. But Marek was close to choose football career. Eventually, he has chosen basketball and everything looks that was a very good decision. Marek is one of the best players in the country, who were born on 1999. He has proofed that in the last season of U15 national championship. He averaged more than 22 ppg, 6rpg and 5 steals per game. In the final tournament, he helped his team to finish second, has become the best scorer of the weekend and joined All-Stars selection.

We are sincerely happy, that Marek took a decision to join us, even though he had a lot of other offers. We intend to offer to Marek, as well as to other players, such training and conditions, where they can improve themselves and follow their basketball dreams and goals.   

And what is the opinion of director of GBA and head coach, Julian Betko? „GBA is pleased with Marek´s arrival, because it is very talented point guard. He has got very good individual skills and even though he is still very young, he is a real “floor general” with perfect vision of the court.  He has also a potential to become a perfect, pesky defender. I believe that we can maximize his potential. And when I have a look to his character and personality, I do not see a reason, why we shouldn’t be successful.”

„I have been on a two-day try-out in GBA and I enjoyed local way of practice a lot. I feel, that the atmosphere here is also very good, definitely better than in Pardubice, where I used to play before. I do also like local coaching staff, which has got a very high level of quality,” says about his decision to join GBA Marek Welsch himself.