Yevgen Sakhniuk: “During my stay in GBA, I felt I have improved in lot of aspects of my game”

We have informed you lately, that key player of GBA Sparta team in this past season, member of Ukrainian U20 national team, Yevgen Sakhniuk will play ball and study in very good university La Salle in Philadelphia in the USA. You can find the whole article here. We have also promised to bring you some opinions of Yevgen regarding his GBA stay and his move to the United States. And here they are:

What did bring you to Prague to join GBA?
YS: The reasons why I came to GBA were, that I really like how coaches are working with the guys, with passion and desire to make them better, pushing to work hard because it's one of the ways to become successful basketball player.

How do you see and evaluate your stay in GBA?
YS: During staying in academy every week or month I've felt how I became better in different aspects of the game whether is shot or dribbling and moreover, coach helped me and team to develop mentality of winning, competing and desire to work hard everyday which is so important for young players.

Did you have any own and team goals for this past season? If so, did you achieve them?
YS: My own goal was to become better player and to make a college, get a scholarship and continue my basketball journey in USA. What about team goals, I wanted to win a title, that's the only goal which we didn't achieve, but our 2nd place it's a big achievement for the academy.

What was the impact of Julian Betko and the GBA to your decision to join La Salle university? And how do you see your next head coach in the Explorers team of the La Salle University, John Giannini?
YS: The impact was big, he has played already in NCAA and he has experience in terms of knowing colleges and coaches, basic on the conversation and research about La Salle university and their coach, who is great coach in my opinion and the coach who can continue make me better in NCAA and helping to achieve my goals in future.

What´s your plan for upcoming summer?
YS: My plan for upcoming summer is simple, keep doing my job as a player prepare for national team and stay in USA.

Where do you see yourself in the basketball point of view in next 3 – 5 years?
YS: I hope in next few years I can become high level player and play in some good club, enjoy to have a good life and doing what I like, of course I want to make NBA one day and play in the strongest league in the world against best players in the world.