Aiden Bossan: "My main goal was to get a full scholarship and i got one "

We have informed you lately, the player of GBA team in this past season, Aiden Bossan will play ball and study in good university Lindsey Wilson college in Kentucky in the USA. We bring you some opinions of Aiden regarding his GBA stay and his move to the United States. So here they are: 


What did bring you to Prague to join GBA?

I wanted to become a better skilled player and after seeing what gba had to offer with all of its skill development it was an easy decision.

How do you see and evaluate your stay in GBA?

My stay at gba was tough and worth it. It got me a scholarship and every month i saw improvements in my game.

Did you have any own and team goals for this past season? If so, did you achieve them?


My main goal was to get a full scholarship and i got one and team goal was to win the national championship but unfortunately we came up short.

What was the impact of Julian Betko and the GBA to your decision to join Lindsey Wilson college?


Julian told me about the level at LWC and told me about how it was a great offer and they play a style of game where he thought that i would be successful.

And how do you see your next head coach in the Blue Raiders team of the Lindsey Wilson college, Paul Peck?


Paul peck seems like a great coach and very nice person. He seems like he really cares about his players and treats them with respect. He has coached for a long time in multiple college levels and knows a lot about what we will face.

What´s your plan for upcoming summer?


This summer i will work on my body and try to put on some weight to get bigger and stronger for college level. I will also be working on my shooting.

Where do you see yourself in the basketball point of view in next 3 – 5 years?


In 3-5 years i see myself still playing at lindsey wilson and after that hopefully playing professionally in europe.

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