Interview with Verners Kohs

Interview with Verners Kohs Photo by Patrik Nguyen

GBA made a strong addition to their program over the summer with the addition of 2.04 cm forward Verners Kohs. Kohs made a fantastic first impression in the home opener against Basket Košíře by scoring 26 points in 14 minutes, including going 7 for 9 from 3. The sharp-shooting Latvian played last season for CAI Zaragoza of Spain in Liga Endesa, the top Spanish league. Coach Julian Betko believes Kohs will take his game to the next level with GBA, transforming him from a 3-point specialist to a more all-around player… “Verners is obviously a very gifted shooter and a player who can instantly change a game. Our goal in GBA is to make him more universal with attacking the basket and improve his low post game. Working on his strength and athleticism will certainly play a role in his development. We are very excited to work with such a talented and dedicated player”, Betko said about Kohs, who shot 45% from deep for Latvia in the FIBA U18 European Championship last summer, scoring an amazing 130 points in 184 minutes.

We caught up with Verners to get insight on his reasons for coming to GBA, and his plans for his future:

Why did you decide to leave your pro club in Spain to come to GBA?

“I left the pro club because I really wanted to develop my game. I have a lot to work on, and my agent said that the GBA is the best place for me. Other players from my country told me that GBA will help me develop my skills like I never have before in Latvia or Spain. What they do here is special and something different. Rodions Kurucs, my teammate on Vef School in Latvia now playing in Barcelona (for FC Barcelona Lassa's first team), told me that this place would help me take my game to the next level.

What makes GBA unique?

“How they work with players. They are very into working on small details. We are working more on individual skills, unlike many programs that only work on 5-on-5 competition or team play.”

What do you expect to gain from GBA?

“I expect to develop my post game and driving game. I’ve always been known as shooter, but I expect to become a complete player. A guy that is harder to defend, and one that defends harder as well. I want to be a more consistent player, where even if my three point shot isn’t falling, I can still affect the game. “

What is your goal after GBA?

“My ultimate goal is to play in the NBA one day. I would at least like to play in Euroleague and eventually get drafted into the NBA.”