Professional workouts – would you like to improve your game? (May 30 – July 30)

David Jelínek David Jelínek

As well as in the last year, GBA is again offering through its main coach Julian Betko individual workouts, which are designated for professional players and which lead to improving of players´ skills. We are sure we can prepare made-to-measure training plan for you, which will be then executed by our staff. Our trainings are very intensive and are focused not only on ball-handling, shooting drills and other individual basketball fundamentals, but also on defensive skills and offensive moves and thinking. You can develop your quickness and your strength and your footwork. You can also improve your 1 on 1 game – on both defensive and offensive basis. If you long for removing your weak points, come and join our workouts!

Would you like to know, who are or who were our clients in the past? Those, who orientate well in the Czech national basketball team, will definitely know member of NT, David Jelínek or Ondřej Balvín. These two players have trained with us last year. If you have good knowledge of European basketball, you have probably heard of member of member of Belorussian national basketball team Dmitri Akulich or Latvian player Kristers Zeidaks, member of Latvian U20 national team. Another player you will probably know, is Anton Gavel. He plays Euroleague with Brose Baskets in Germany and he has won 4 titles with Borse in BBL. Head coach of the academy, Julian Betko has worked in the past also with players who you definitely know very well. We are talking about players like Carl Landry (now with NBA team Sacramento Kings), Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat), Danny Granger (Los Angeles Clippers), Jarret Jack (Cleveland Cavaliers), Mike Green (Chimki, Moscow Region, Russia) or Shelvin Mack (Atlanta Hawks).    

We have already welcomed Tomáš Kyzlink this year. He used to play for Spain´s ACB team Estudiantes Madrid and in this past season he was a member of Italian team Treviglio, which plays the second tier in Italy.  Tomáš longs for playing Sere A in Italy and therefore he decided to join us – to improve his skills and try to help his team in next season to promote to Serie A.

If you are interested in joining our program and you would like to know more about the program and its conditions, contact director of our academy and head coach Julian Betko. You can reach him on phone number +420 777 457 949 or via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.