10 Apr 2015

"GBA is such a tough academy which teaches players first of all discipline, respect for the job that they are their doing and also the the correct attitude and approach for every work out. That is a place where I improved my game as a “Big Man” under the basket and what can be more surprising, I improved a lot my game on the perimeter as well. Coaches helped me to develop my basketball IQ and they paid attention to improve my moves, and also they helped me to develop my week parts of the game. GBA helped me to get to the William Jewell College and gave me a chance to get my academic degree, and play basketball in a very prestigious conference. If I would have a chance to spend another year in GBA, I would do so without doubts."

04 Jul 2014

Coach Larry Holley from the university team William Jewell Cardinals has reached for the talents of GBA Sparta Praha. This time the Moldovan player in the category up to the age of 20 Emil Ostafiiciuc, who came to GBA in August last year, has become a Holley’s target. The 207-cm-high centre not only has improved all individual activities, but also his mental and physical endurance. Already in the January tournament National Prep School Invitational in Road Islands in the USA, Emil showed in great shape and since then four American universities have started to be interested in him. “It's great that Emil in addition to basketball in GBA has improved his SAT in English because without it he would hardly get such a good offer as William Jewell College is”, says Julian Betko flatly, a head coach and director of GBA. “When Emil adds a little bit of “American” self-confidence to his diligence and natural modesty, then he might move up the Cardinals to a higher rank again”, predicts Julian Betko. What nice Moldovan player Emil Ostafiiciuc says about his future contract you will find out in the upcoming interview.