čtvrtek 2. 12. 2021

GBA Fio banka J. Hradec

USK Praha

26:24 19:28 20:31 10:15 - 75:98

 Diváci: 300

Gilbert Abraham (GBA Fio Bank coach J. Hradec): "This is a frustrating loss. We had bright moments, but then we stopped playing at our pace, we handled spacing badly and honestly - we have to shoot much better. Today we turned only 40 percent of the attempts for 2 points, which is, I think, the worst result this season, in addition, we only had 57 percent of the free throw line. We fired 35 sixes and hit only 20, and that´s the statistics that were supposed to keep us in the game today. We have a lot of work ahead of us, we have to keep working and improving. ”

Lukáš Stegbauer (forward GBA Fio banka J. Hradec): “Unfortunately, it didn´t work out today, we lost by a relatively large difference. I don´t think the score matches the way we played, because unfortunately we had a break of about 3 to 4 minutes, and that decided the match. We have to keep working and learning from mistakes, otherwise I think we play decent basketball. The new acquisitions got along pretty well, so I believe there will be another win. ”