úterý 28. 12. 2021


GBA Fio banka J. Hradec

24:14 29:24 23:24 19:22 - 95:84

 Diváci: 580

Gilbert Abraham (GBA Fio Bank coach J. Hradec): "I am upset that we lost. I have to give a lot of credit to Děčín, the coaches, and the way their team is improving. I think they are becoming perhaps the toughest defense team. They play with passion and it can be seen that they are doing their job well. On our side, the young players are improving, so we must continue and improve in the defensive half as well. ”

Chimobi Ikegwuruka (wing of GBA Fio Bank J. Hradec): "The match was very good. I think our team played well. In the end, it was a bit hectic, with the judges and such. It was a tough and difficult match. We played a lot of zones, it worked a lot, but in the end, it´s a loss. "