Saturday 11/12/2021


GBA Fio banka J. Hradec

21:20 34:12 27:29 31:27 - 113:88

 Visitors: 523

Gilbert Abraham (GBA Fio Bank coach J. Hradec): "We had this problem on our defensive half, when there was a large number of misunderstandings during the rebound. In addition, we did too many fouls in the first half. If we didn´t do so many fouls, we could have played a more balanced game and we wouldn´t spoil so much in the end. "

Marek Welsch (GBA Fio banka quarterback J. Hradec): “We definitely came to Kolín today to win, unfortunately our match plan did not work out. At the landing, we did not look after the Cologne pivots, who had three or four missiles per attack, and this was also reflected in the score. 113 is a huge number, and even though we scored almost 90 points in the attack, it is unfortunately not enough with such a defense. We have to learn and maybe we will do better next time. "