The Get Better Academy (GBA) Skill Development training program is designed to help each player work towards attaining the highest level of self mastery for each individual. The game of basketball is an ever changing game that requires everyone that is involved in the sport to constantly update themselves and the methods that are utilized to achieve optimal performance. At GBA we pride ourselves on our staffs mission to constantly work towards their own self growth and to also do all they can to help the athletes that we work with do the same.

The training process is vital part of that entire process.

The training process includes three major phases which are:

  • phase A - 1 versus 0 this is where players can get familiar with skill concepts and movements,
  • phase B - this is guided defense where coached and teammates simulate what is taking place during in game situations and
  • phase C - this is where we assess for translation to see if the things we have been working on will translate to the game.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every player has a complete skillset in which they have the ability to shoot, pass, dribble, process/make decisions, defend, and that they ultimately can compete and contribute towards a winning cause.

Sample GBA guard work

Sample GBA forward box work