Saturday 18/12/2021

GBA Fio banka J. Hradec

BK Opava

14:32 15:23 15:23 25:25 - 69:103

 Visitors: 350

Filip Novotný (wing of GBA Fio banka J. Hradec): "We fought from the beginning, but it was clear that the guests have a team game, they have been playing together for a long time and even without a key player they are capable of nice actions based on ball movement. Unfortunately, we did not cover the rebounds, we have work to do, we have something to build on and we will only go up. ”
Gilbert Abraham (GBA Fio Bank coach J. Hradec): "This was probably our worst shooting performance. We converted only 25 percent of attempts in two points and had 18 losses. We did not do a good job of finishing simple missiles from the defined area. In defense, we were unable to stop the raids or defend the game with our backs to the basket. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we need our injured players in the line-up. We miss the quarterback and obviously the best scorer of the whole league Torin Dorn. We look forward to being back in full force. ”