Friday 17/9/2021

BK Levharti Chomutov

GBA Sojky Pelhřimov

20:19 25:29 23:21 29:20 - 97:89

 Visitors: 40

Our first-league GBA team Sojky Pelhřimov played on Friday on board BK Levharti Chomutov . For our team, it was the first match in which the players came together except for our center player. Chomutov, on the other hand, is an experienced team that has been playing together for several seasons and one of their strengths is their height and strength. The match ended 97:89 in favor of Chomutov.

Julian Betko (head coach of GBA Soyki Pelhrimov): “I was very pleased with how we used our speed and aggression in the attack to create an 8-point lead 2 minutes before the end of the match. I think that the experience and transformation of heavy missiles decided the match in favor of Chomutov. Overall, it was a good match, but we have a lot of work to do, improvements and I hope we will win the next matches.”