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GBA alumni season 2020/2021

Covid has made it challenging to focus on player development and nearly impossible for exposure. This makes us all that prouder here at GBA to announce nine players of our 2021 class who all signed in USA or professional deals.

🏀Luka Kovacevic, Gran Canaria Endesa liga.

🏀Alvaro Cardenas, San Jose State U., NCAA D1

🏀Kristians Freibergs, Maine University, NCAA D1

🏀Louis Stormark, Idaho State U. NCAA D1

🏀Alex Gilat, San Francisco State U, NCAA D2

🏀Nikolaos Noumeros, Santa Fee college, NJCAA

🏀Javier Rodriguez, Daytona State College, NJCAA

🏀Matej Burda, Beksa Pardubice

🏀Juraj Lastic, MBK Lučenec

List of all Alumni´s:

Name SurnameGBA PositionTeams signedQuote
Roberts Blumbergs2016-2017 PF
  • Grand Canyon University (ARIZONA)
  • BK Valmiera (LATVIA)
  • Betsafe / Liepaja (LATVIA)
"GBA is the place where I felt my personal development. Greatly placed academy by all means, that puts you under the radar and gives opportunities to show your qualities. Hard work, discipline and good time went all in one basket for me. I think that is successful combination towards a big goal."
Diamond Onwuka2015-2016PG
  • Howard College (TEXAS)
"GBA helped me to step out of myself. There were so many things I didn´t know I could improve with my age and they proved me wrong. Before coming to GBA I was very unsure of pulling 3 point shots but Julian and all the assistant coaches they did a wonderful job working every single day without giving up on my shot... They´ve also worked with me in all aspects of the games as basketball IQ, ball handling etc... But the most important thing is the family that we´ve created, every member of the family has different culture, different language but one same dream. Be basketball players. And I have accomplished mine. I´m thankful for how this academy has impacted my life so that I am now a better basketball player and even a better person."
Michal Kozak
  • Weber state university (UTAH)
"GBA is great for every player that wants to continue to college, so it was for me. Other than toughness, after experience with GBA I was ahead of other incoming freshmen in basketball knowledge and some of the college basketball principles. So it was not that hard to adapt for a different style of game. I´m thankful for the opportunity I got and I wish GBA best luck to the season!"
Illya Tyrtyshnik2016-2017PG
  • University of Mississippi (MISSISSIPPI)
  • St. Cloud State University
"GBA opened my eyes towards my weaknesses.It is a great place to improve as a person and player.The practices are intense and coaches are always demanding and helpful.If I would go back in time,I wouldn’t change my decision to attend GBA!"
Bence Buzsaki
  • UNIQA Euroleasing Sopron (HUN)
"This past year in GBA was one of my best experience in my life. It is pretty hard to summarize what it means to me. First of all I feel that my game changed 180 degrees, when I went there I literally couldn´t even put the ball on the ground or just guard 1on1 situations.. All the coaching staff gave his absolute best throughout the whole year and now I feel that I´m comfortable with the ball in Pick n Roll situations for example and I don´t have problems guarding the perimeter. But maybe I had the biggest improvement in my basketball IQ. Now I feel that I can make better decisions on a higher level. On the other hand I changed as a person also, I became more serious and now I understand that hard work really pays off. I´m extremly thankful for giving me the opportunity to make some friends. I´m sure some of them are gonna be my friend forever.. Coaches there had a thought in which they told us that they build a family here not only a team and to be honest by the end of the year they really did it!"
Endar Poladkhanli2016-2017SF
  • Cholet Basket (FRA)
"GBA changed me a lot. I´m really thankful to everyone, who was part of this great journey. In one year GBA made me better not only like a player, but also like a person. Along with the practices, improving our skills, shooting, toughness, showing us the highest level of basketball, the highest level of scouting. Our coaching staff teached us also to be responsible not only for yourself, but also the people around you, your friends. Teammates, they got individual approach to every single player.. I wish GBA to exist for a very long time and continue to make better players 4future"
Saba Gvedashvili2016-2017 SF
  • Northwestern Oklahoma state university (OKLAHOMA)
  • Mount Marty
"GBA was a really great experience for me, tought me lots of things and right now im really happy that I was the part of that program! Thank you."
Filip Halada2013/2014PG
  • BK Armex Decin (CZE)
  • MBK Handlova (SVK)
  • Royal Falcons HK (CZE)
"I´m very thankful that I attended GBA, they helped me to improve my awareness, shooting skills, coordination, and my overall basketball game. Personally, I gained the mental strength that it takes to be competitive, the confidence to excel, and my physical growth benefited the most from my experience at the academy. The entire year I spent in GBA was awesome and I left with great memories. I would like to extend my gratitude towards Julian Betko and all the coaches at the academy who have put their time and dedication into helping me develop. Without them, I would not have the confidence and the opportunity to prove myself and show what I´m capable of. After every practice we would do extra drills, and keep working to show me that I should never ever give up. They made me believe I can endure any challenge that was in front of me,and I can´t thank them enough for building me up into the player that I am now."
Kristaps Gluditis2013/2015PG

  • Saski Baskoni (SPAIN)
  • CB Bahia San Augustin Palma (SPAIN)
  • CB Prat (SPAIN)
  • BK Ventspils (LATVIA)
  • Rakvere Tarvas (ESTONIA)
Frenki Lilaj2016-2017PF
  • Shorter university (ATLANTA)
  • Golden Eagle Ylli
"I am really thankful GBA for last three years. In gba I improved my fundamental basketball skills and learned how to be best version of myself. GBA prepared me on U.S and be able to get some minutes as freshmen. I think I got so much better since I joined GBA academy. Also thank you for opportunity to be noticed by many scouts, coaches and be a part of a great team."
Ervins Meznieks2014/2015SF
  • Boston College (MASSACHUSETTS)
"GBA showed me that i can push myself to the limit, that I can play at the highest level. This academy not only made me better as a player, but as a person as well. That is why I am the person who I am today, and I´m very thankful for the opportunity which GBA gave me."
Dorde Dimitrijevic2015-2016PG / SG
  • Western Nebraska college (NEBRASKA)
  • Mercer
  • CB Ourense (SPAIN)
"For me GBA was new experience. New relationships with people, different style of life. At the beginning it was hard, I meet new people, different town, different system of practices. But how time goes by, I learned and I become better and better every day. We as a team had good and bad days, so do I as an individual, but I learned how to become stronger from mistake during the season, so i really get better in GBA. People in GBA did not just make me a better player, they made me a better person and i am very thankful for everything they did to help me become better."
Lukáš Vilkovský2015-2016SG
  • Purdue Northwest university (INDIANA)
"I came to GBA after knee surgery. GbA helped me to get back on track not only in my basketball skills which I improved a lot but more so mentally, which i needed. After a few months I was able to play with my teammates at a high level. I will never forget how difficult Gba was mentally and physically, but on the other hand, how many great people and memories the academy brought into my life. I survived a great 2 years in GBA and after the second year I got scholarship from Purdue Northwest University. I am thankful to Coach Julian Betko and assistant coaches at the academy who have put their time to help me get better in all aspects of the game .Thank you GBA for letting me be a part of your community. " #GetBetter #IWillNeverForget
Miloš Jovic2014/2016PG / SG
  • University of Miami (OHIO)
"I am very thankful to those two years that I spent in GBA. In GBA, I significantly improve as a basketball player, but more importantly I became better and disciplined person. Best thing about GBA and the coaches is that they were pushing me to the limits and showed me how to overcome difficulties on and off the basketball court."
Vasile Odagiu2014/2015C
  • College of Central Florida (FLORIDA)
  • Dinamo Bucharest (ROMANIA)
"I am very thankful GBA for the season. In GBA I was able to improve my game , be stronger , faster and develop my basketball IQ. GBA helped not just be good player but they taught me discipline and be responsible not just for my self but also for my friends and teammates. Thanks goes to all GB Academy: coaching staff , every single player and head coach Julian Betko."
David Jelínek2013/2016C
  • Northwood University (MICHIGAN)
"I am really thankful GBA for last three years. In gba I improved my fundamental basketball skills and learned how to be best version of myself. GBA prepared me on U.S and be able to get some minutes as freshmen. I think I got so much better since I joined GBA academy. Also thank you for opportunity to be noticed by many scouts, coaches and be a part of a great team."
Michal Weiss2013/2016PF
  • East Stroudsburg University (PENNSYLVANIA)
David Pekárek2013/2015SF
  • Fordham University (NEW YORK)
  • Royal Falcons (CZE)
  • BK Olomoucko (CZE)
  • BK Pardubice (CZE)
"GBA gave me an oppurtunity to get better in all aspects of the game. With coaches we worked on my shooting, handles and understanding of the game. Coach Julian and all of the asistant coaches helped me to understand that I have to work on 100% everytime because that´s the only way how to be succesful in the future. I really feel like I got so much better since I joined GBA academy. All the international tournaments helped me to be noticed by many scouts and coaches. I will never forget about my teammates and all the great moments and memories I experienced here."
Aiden Bossan
  • Lindsey Wilson university (KENTUCKY)
"GBA was a stepping stone in my life… a very hard one, and without it I wouldn´t be here today able to say that I´ve received a full scholarship to a great university. First coming in to GBA, nothing was easy, nothing was given. You learn that your future can´t be predetermined for you and that in order to make your dreams come true you have to work for it each and every day. If what that means is getting up at 5 going to practice, going to school, going to practice and then going back to practice once again, then if you are true to yourself about achieving those dreams, none of that will stop you. GBA isn´t all about the skills though, as I learned that once you´ve gone through the immense toughness of this academy your mental strength skyrockets and if you can succeed at GBA there´s not a whole lot more that you can´t succeed in."
Gleb Stanislavchik2013/2014 SF
  • Nizhny Novgorod (RUSSIA)
"I´m very thankful GBA for the season I played there! It was very good time for me! Tough practices made me better and stronger, it improved my game level! Cause of this I´ve got professional contract with good team! Special thanks to head coach Julian Betko for passion on practices and games. GBA forever!"
Emil Ostafiiciuc
2013/2014 SF
  • William Jewell university (MISSOURI)
"GBA is such a tough academy which teaches players first of all discipline, respect for the job that they are their doing and also the the correct attitude and approach for every work out. That is a place where I improved my game as a “Big Man” under the basket and what can be more surprising, I improved a lot my game on the perimeter as well. Coaches helped me to develop my basketball IQ and they paid attention to improve my moves, and also they helped me to develop my week parts of the game. GBA helped me to get to the William Jewell College and gave me a chance to get my academic degree, and play basketball in a very prestigious conference. If I would have a chance to spend another year in GBA, I would do so without doubts."
Michael Kuzmiak2013/2014 SF
  • Telenet Ostende (BELGIUM)
"GBA was for me not only a great start in my basketball career but also great start in life. The system thought me that I have to be responsible for myself but also for others, work hard every day and never give up. Practises were very interesting even though they were very hard, they though me how to overcome myself. I am using absolutely everything that I have learned at GBA. The greatest thanks goes to head coach Julian Betko and GBA staff."
Simon Zajicek2013/2014PG
  • William Jewell university (MISSOURI)
“When I look at my early basketball career, I see an undersized point guard with hardly any talent trying to keep up with others but mostly failing. Now I play college basketball and study on one of the most prestige Liberal Arts College in USA. How? I joined an academy that made my dream come true. GBA made me who I am now as far as basketball player and it changed me as a person as well. Individual skills, basketball IQ and willingness to give 100% every day are one of many things I acquired at GBA and if not for the immense care of the coaching staff and the work I have put in, I would not be here. GBA changed my life. The hours spent on court sweating and being short of breath got me here, where I always wanted to be.”
Ondrej Gargula2012/2013PF
  • Lubbock university (TEXAS)
"I was the first player which GBA has sent to play college basketball in the United States. Join this program was the best decision I have ever made. When I look back on GBA and other than it is a place where great coaches will really teach you the game of basketball, it gave me so much more. They thought me discipline which prepared me for success in my life, I built up strong relationships and left with amazing memories. I would not hesitate to go through it again. The best thing about GBA is how much coaches care about you and how much effort they put in for you!"
Yevgen Sakhniuk2013/2014PF
  • La Salle University (PHILADELPHIA)
  • Jefferson University
  • Zamotza ST (SPAIN)
  • BC Kyiv (UKRAINE)
  • CB Clavijo Logrono (SPAIN)
"GBA helped me to improve my game in a few different ways such as toughness, mental and physical, shooting and consistent work ethic. It´s been a great year in GBA, they helped me to shift my game on a new level. Also, by providing me an opportunity to go to USA and play in front of scouts, I was noticed by a lot of colleges which helped me to get recruited by La Salle University."
Yoro Sidibe2016-2018GBA forward
  • Norfolk University
Samuel Lenjik2018-2020GBA guard
  • Sollano College
David Javorský2014-2018GBA Guard
  • Neewman University
Rastislav Šipkovský2018-2020GBA forward
  • University of Hartford
Olgierd Dmochewicz2019-2020GBA Center
  • Northern Arizona University
Tadeas Manas2018-2020GBA forward
  • University of Mobile
Andre Loigu2017-2020GBA guard
  • Nortwest college
Sacha Killeya Jones2018-2019GBA forward
  • BL Braunschweig
  • Kalev
  • Dąbrowa Górnicz
Sigu Jawara
2018-2019GBA guard
  • Loyola Marymount University
Marek Welsch2014-2018GBA guard
  • Jacksonville State University
  • Dekstone Svitavy
Mark Jaakson2017-2019GBA guard
  • University of Southern Mississippi
Tomáš Mikyska2018-2019GBA forward
  • Barry University
František Bartoň2018-2020GBA forward
  • Mount Saint Mary’s University
Karl Paloots2018-2020GBA forward
  • Nortwest College
Liam Churchill Sorensen
2019-2020GBA guard
  • Idaho State University
Nikolai Atanasov2017-2020GBA forward
  • Regis University
Artur Konontsuk2018-2019GBA forward
  • University of Southern Mississippi
Tomáš Pavelka2017-2018GBA center
  • Valencia Basket (Spain)
Calvin Poulina2017-2018GBA forward
  • Binghamton University
Matej Drgon
2014-2017GBA forward
  • Northern Colorado University
Martin Schiller2016-2018GBA forward
  • Newman University
Jakub Dombek2016-2018GBA forward
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Hartford
Verners Kohs2016-2017GBA forward
  • CAB Workshop (SPAIN)
  • BK Jekabpils (LATVIA)
  • VEF Riga (LATVIA)
Gabriel Chachashvili
Filip Rakai2021-2022
Illia Niemtsu2016-2017GBA guard
Matous Kainc2016-2017GBA guard
  • Shorter University
Louis Stormark2019-2021GBA forward
  • Idaho State University
Matěj Burda2018-2021 GBA guard
  • BK JIP Pardubice (CZE)
Alex Gilat2018-2021GBA guard
  • San Francisco State University
Alvaro Cardenas 2020-2021 GBA guard
  • San Jose State University
Kristians Feierbergs2020-2021GBA forward
  • University of Maine
Nikolaos Noumeros2018-2021 GBA forward
  • Santa Fe College
Juraj Láštic2019-2021GBA guard
  • BK M Lucenec (SVK)
Javier Rodriguez2020-2021GBA forward
  • Daytona State College

Maros Zeliznak