Saturday 2/10/2021

GBA Lions U19

Jižní Supi

27:19 14:18 13:23 24:4 - 84:64

 Visitors: 25

Our U19 GBA Lions JH started on Saturday, 2nd of October, their first weekend game against Jizni Supi. The team played a very good 18min in the first half, but in the last 2min, Jizni Supi was better (0-9 run), concluding the first half (41-37 for GBA). Jizni Supi was better in the third quarter, leading by five at the end of the quarter, but in the last 10 minutes, a great part of our team allowed us to win the game (81-64). Great match of Bogdan Kiselovs (20 points, six threes), and Rihards Porietis 27 points).