Saturday 18/9/2021

BCM Orli Prostějov

GBA Sojky Pelhřimov U19

11:35 19:26 22:35 26:34 - 78:130

 Visitors: 24

On Saturday 18th U19, GBA players in team GBA Sojky Pelhrimov kicked off the road against Proštejov. In the first quarter, the defense led us to turn steals into easy baskets and open shots in transition. We efficiently scored the basketball throughout the game with 69% shooting from 2´s and 56% overall, which resulted in a comfortable win of 130-78. Everybody on the team contributed; Mobi Ikegwuruka led the way with 37 PTS and 11 REB.

Headcoach, Andrej Červenka: "Game showed us that there is a lot of room for improvement both individually and as a team. We still keep working hard in the future into the season and keep getting better every day on and off the court."