Professional preparation for higher-level basketball

GBA is a private international basketball academy in Central Europe, Prague, which through effective training programs, specializes in maximizing the basketball potential of its players. Our mission is to individxually develop our players and, based on their goals, provide them with opportunities to either sign a professional contract or receive a full scholarship to American University.

Long term programs

Join our basketball family and make a career leap in 10 months! Our goal is to maximize the player`s potential through high-intensity training focused on four-game areas.

Top services for our players

High standard housing at GBA Residence, Professional Rehabilitation, and Meal plan. Together with our partners, we offer variety of Czech schools, including gymnasiums and business schools, or American degree obtained online.

Professional workouts

We have extensive experience working out NBA, EuroLeague, National team players. At GBA, we pride ourselves on our staff`s mission to constantly work towards their self-growth and do all they can to help the athletes we work with doing the same.


List of those who saw us work or have trained with us. NBA scouts and NCAA coaches frequently visit our academy.




Pro signed


College signed

Games played

Sunday 16/1/2022

BK Sojky Pelhřimov

SK Slavia Praha

Watch Game
Sunday 16/1/2022

GBA Lions Jindřichův Hradec U19

Snakes Ostrava

Sunday 16/1/2022

Sokol Písek U19

Sojky Pelhřimov U19


Upcoming games

Friday 21/1/2022

BK Sojky Pelhřimov

Sokol Písek

Saturday 22/1/2022

Basket Fio banka Jindřichův Hradec

ERA Basketball Nymburk

Live Game
Saturday 22/1/2022

BK Lions Jindřichův Hradec

Snakes Ostrava